The Lawrence County Recovery Coalition was established to encourage communication and create opportunities that empower people to rediscover greatness in themselves, their neighbors and their community.

Numerous sources were consulted during the implementation of the Coalition and the stories of many people in recovery were heard.  Clearly, definitions of recovery are quite personal, and there is a great deal of variability in how people think about it, but some of the common threads of recovery began to emerge.  They are as follows:

  • Recovery is an ongoing process that continues through life, and is about restoration and personal growth.
  • Recovery allows the renewal of purpose, meaning and hope in life.
  • Recovery is about revelation, acceptance and self-awareness.
  • Recovery is about dignity and self-respect.
  • Recovery means independence, personal responsibility, and productivity.
  • Recovery involves tolerance, forgiveness and adaptability.
  • Recovery is about connecting in a fulfilling way with a community of other people.
  • Recovery is about establishing meaningful relationships.
  • Recovery is a universal concept that can be used by anyone.


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